Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Camping-Jamaica State Park

Brian was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend over Labor Day weekend. We spent the first few days just relaxing and then we decided last minute to go camping up in Vermont in the Jamaica State Park. We hurried and went and bought supplies and headed up north. Thankfully it was a short drive just over 2 hours and it was gorgeous. Vermont is everything I thought it would be and more. There are green rolling hills, cows roaming, mountains, and covered bridges. I was obsessed. I hope to be able to go back up when it is fall. We got to our campsite around 2 in the afternoon and hurried and set up and then walked to the swimming hole. Cora was in love with it. She just sat on the bank and splashed and played for the whole afternoon. I swam and Brian built a rock tower. It was so gorgeous and green. We headed back up to camp and made a gourmet dinner of hamburgers ;) and by that point Cora was pooped. I was trying to keep her awake until 7 so we walked down to the river in hopes she might perk back up but she fell asleep on Brian's shoulder on the way there. You guys, if you know Cora you know that she does NOT snuggle. She HATES it. So this was huge. So of course I get insanely jealous and snatch her from him and she stayed asleep. It was literally pure heaven. I would live in a tent if it meant having her sleep on my shoulder more. Haha well her sleep didn't last long and by 7:30 she was awake and ready to party. So she sat by the fire with us and roasted smores. It was like the kind of evening you dream of having with your future family someday. I am always the happiest when I am in the outdoors. I like to pretend I am a city girl but as soon as I am in the country my heart swells and I get a permanent grin dreaming of living in a little country farmhouse. Once the stars came out Cora gave in to sleep and by some MIRACLE she slept ALL NIGHT! Like until 5:30! Even when Brian and I came in the tent and got in our sleeping bags. She was an angel. I can't get over it. She ate and went back to sleep and then around 6:30 I hear some serious loud noises in the trees so I FREAK out and think a bear is coming so I hop up and look out the mesh top of our tent right as a HUGE tree is falling down above us. Thankfully it was far enough up to not hit us but it was crazy. I started freaking out thinking it was going to knock down other trees so I was yelling we needed to get out of the tent and thus woke up my sleeping child. So we were all awake at 6:30 for the day, haha glorious. So we ate breakfast and loaded up and went and explored some of the small towns around the area. It was such a fun trip and I am actually really sad that we waited so long to go. If I knew Cora was going to be such a champ we would have gone like every weekend. :) Until next time Vermont.

My baby is part elf


Kristen Knorr said...

Lovely pictures! I'm glad Cora was such a champ for camping. I can only hope when I have babies that they'll be that nice to me. :)