Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cora- Month 10

Well your first birthday is in 5 days so I feel as if I should probably finish up your monthly blog posts for the year. :)

Month 10! I feel like I need Nana to write this post for me since I was gone for half of this month. You went on your first big trip to AZ without us. Dad and I went to Europe for 2 weeks and you were able to go and play with your Nana and Papa. While you were there you learned how to army crawl! It took a lot of motivation from your nana but she got you there. You also learned where your nose is and what a nose is and you got pretty close to figuring out how to blow kisses. You were a champ for them! You slept through the night every night and you were happy, and a good eater. We missed you like crazy in Europe but we knew you were in good hands. We would Skype with you every night. It was so fun to see you get so excited to see us over the computer. When I flew into AZ I thought for sure you were going to be so excited to see me at the airport but you didn't even bat an eye. HAHA. It took us getting into the car for you to actually realize what was going on and then you were very excited and giggling the whole way home. You also decided that walking with our fingers is literally the best thing to ever happen to you. It is all you wanted to do this month. We had to walk up and down the aisle of the airplane a bunch to keep you happy on the flight home. But we survived your 12th flight! Can you believe you have already been on 12 flights. Thats is insane, little girl. You are a traveling machine. 

Once we got home to CT we wanted to participate in all things fall. It was beautiful! So we did a special trip up to Higganum for a sleepover. You loved hanging out with your friend Brighton and we did a little photoshoot of you two together. You were not a good sleeper that night though and were screaming from like 12-1. :( Not very fun when we are guests at someone else's house buttttt we finally got you to sleep snuggling with your mom and dad. I think you were just confused about traveling and not sleeping in your bed again. We had a lot of fun hanging out the next day as well. It is nice to have you be able to interact with another baby since it's mostly just you and I hanging out. 

Brighton and Robli also came down to Guilford and we went and picked out pumpkins. You loved picking out the pumpkins but that was about it. There was a barn full of corn kernels that I thought you would love and you HATED it. I have no idea why, but you wanted nothing to do with it. you loved riding on the little toy tractors though. I think your new obsession with being pushed and pulled around on things started here. After that you love to be pushed in circles in our baby carriage and also pulled in the little red wagon we got from your baby shower. 

It was a great month with you baby girl. You keep getting cuter and cuter. You are so much fun and definitely like to keep us on our toes. We often think about what we did all day without you and how we must have been bored because you are our whole lives and we love every second of it. Happy 10 Months!